The Daltons had plenty of friends in the area willing to hide them and easily lost Kay once they were in familiar territory. As they exited the door, an American Express agent opened fire with his revolver. Grat ordered the employees to lay on the floor in the back office, and after receiving the signal from Bob, told Powers and Broadwell that it was time to leave. Teresa Mae Estes, age 66 of Franklin, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at the Kettering Health Network - Main Campus surrounded by her loving family. Kay was informed by Bill's father-in-law, Clark Bliven, that Bob and Emmett planned to meet Cole in Salt Lake, so Kay headed to Chico where he planned to cut him off. (UP) , Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina, USA, May 3 1871 - Belton, Comt De Cass, Missouri, tats-Unis, July 13 1937 - Comt De Los Angeles, Californie, tats-Unis. The boys left their horses in Ludlow, which were then discovered a few weeks later by railroad detectives. On his death bed, Emmett told Frank Forrest Latta that he had robbed a train in California, and had used the alias William McElhanie. While six men were confirmed to had been seen riding into town, other witnesses that day were all in agreement that upon reaching town there were only five men in the group. Frank is buried in Coffeyville, Kansas. The deep canyons of the area, covered with dwarf cedar and blackjack oaks, made it an ideal hiding place. Virginia had the highest population of Dalton families in 1840. Group of outlaws in the American Old West, This article is about the group of outlaws. Sheriff Kay even pointed out during the trial that Beckenridge had overlooked Grat's rights. It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of James Dalton Hatcher of Bono, Arkansas, who passed away on February 28, 2023, at the age of 66, leaving to mourn family and friends. In a mid eighties interview with spirou magazine author Maurice De Bevere Also known as Morris admitted that reading Emmett's book "When the Daltons rode" was his inspiration to create the comic version of the Dalton Brothers. Unlike the marshals office, the Osage Police paid a monthly salary. The Dalton Gang family tree or offspring. Neither was he in Merced or Livingston. Smith, Sheriff Kay learned from them that Grat had actually made the opening in the bars several days before the robbery after being slipped a saw from someone on the outside. Married to Cara, he worked the Dutton homestead alongside his nephew,. By Stephanie Dalton March 03, 2008 at 03:10:47 Hello, I am trying to find a family tree for the Dalton family of which 2 members of the Dalton gang are from. Bob and Emmett returned fire and left Ayres on the sidewalk. Kay told Grat that he knew neither Bob or Emmett killed the fireman. Dalton family history shows that the name has two possible derivations. Kay hung around Grat for a few hours and talked to him most of the time until Witty returned. The second possibility is D'Alton, which was later shortened to Dalton, meaning a high hill. Beckenridge showed up to the trial late and drunk, and neither the defense, nor the prosecution mentioned that the fireman had been accidentally killed by the expressman. He then ordered the bags of silver on the vault floor into his bag, containing $1000 and weighing about 200lb. Coleman Dalton, Louis Kossuth Dalton, Littleton Lee Lit Dalton, Franklin Frank Dalton, Gratton Grat Hanley Dalton, William Bill Mason Wil farmers of this country. Their older cousins were the outlaw Younger brothers. A detailed bio on a Dalton Brothers webpage declares "We play two kinds of music: Country and Western" and notes that the group took inspiration from country legends including Willie Nelson,. Emmett had 4 siblings: Elsie Bosiger (born Dalton (Bosiger)) and 3 other siblings. This Section of the Data Bank contains anecdotes, short stories and whimsical tales of Daltons throughout history. Gratton Dalton, called "Grat" Dalton, (March 30, 1861 to October 5, 1892) was an outlaw of the Old West, and leader of the Dalton Gang. Kay promised Middleton secrecy, and a horse and buggy, if he led him to within a half mile of Dalton's camp. The Dalton Chronicles consists of articles contributed by the late DGS Member Rodney Garth Dalton of Utah who passed away on August 28th, 2012. ratton Hanley DALTON, Charles Benjamin DALTON, Henry Coleman DALTON, Litlleton Lee DALTON, William Mason DALTON, Eva May DALTON, Robert R "Angeles, July 14.W)A retired and respected citiaen at his death, James Lewis Dalton, Adelaine Sullivan Dalton (born Younger). Delynn Jorgensen 7/29/12. The ride from Mojave to Barstow almost cost them their lives, as they only saw water once in those seventy-five miles of desert. Each time they stopped sawing, they plugged the hole with soap and soot. Kay suspected that this was probably the work of some suspects he had from Visalia, but the railroad detectives demanded the arrest of the remaining Dalton brothers. Ford drew his revolver and ran into another store to the alley to cut them off, but soon lost them. But that is not known. Their father, Lewis Dalton, a rambler and saloonkeeper, abandoned his wife Adeline (ne Younger), who was forced on her own to rear their 15 children during the difficult period of the American Civil War and Reconstruction. They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. Arrangements by Willis Funeral Home, LLC, Dalton, Georgia. He attended Irving elementary school and he graduated from Morton East High School in. They then robbed the next train a few minutes later, securing about $50,000. They decided to form a gang and started robbing trains and banks. Bob shot him in the head, killing him. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Omissions? Kay learned at the train depot that Bob and Emmett had bought tickets to Ogden and were carrying large telescope bags with them. Knowing that Kay was hot on their trail, they traveled east through Arizona into New Mexico. In her unpublished novella, Grat Dalton's Ride, Eva Evans, the daughter of the famous California outlaw Chris Evans, tells the story of Grat Dalton's escape from California after the Alila robbery. As they approached the camp the bootleggers began to fire on them. Charles Dalton 18 Oct 1850 Little Catalina, Newfoundland - 10 Oct 1904 managed by Stan Vardy. The Dalton's couldn't sell their horses in Ludlow and they didn't have enough money for all three of them to take the train to Indian territory, so Bill took the train back to Paso Robles while Bob and Emmett took the train to Salt Lake where they would meet Cole. Kay sent Ford after Bob and Emmett while he went to the Ogden police to get them to begin searching the city. Grat, Broadwell, and Powers entered the Condon Bank and Emmett and Bob hurried across Union Street to the First National Bank. Since the horse was lame, they could only get $60 for it and Grat was unable to find another horse afterwards. detective Will Smith, and Wells Fargo detectives Hume and Thacker arrived to bring the two men to Modesto to stand trial for the Ceres robbery. While Bill was playing his guitar, Wagy noticed that he was trying to cover up where the break had been made. In 1918, he portrayed himself in the movie version of his book Beyond the Law.[3]. She was born on April 10, 1956, in Berea, Kentucky, the daughter of the late John M. & Eliza Jane (Isaacs) Webb. The newly formed Oklahoma Territory had organized their own sheriff and city police departments, but there was so far very little cooperation between them. He then went to Fresno to check on Lit and Cole Dalton, and was convinced of the same. Bill arrived in Paso Robles and was arrested by Sheriff Kay fifteen minutes after getting off the train and was taken to Visalia. After the escape, Beck separated from the others and went north, while Grat and Smith went to a friend of Grat's named Joe Middleton, who lived in Hanford. James is also a Civil War veteran, one who suffers from PTSD in a time long before we knew what it was. Then, noticing the vault door was open, Grat ordered both of them into the vault, where the safe with the gold was. Hannah Adeline Dalton (a twin) b. Build your family tree online ; Share photos and videos ; Smart Matching technology Kay believed they did this to throw him off by going south instead of east. While the Indian Nations had their own tribal law enforcement, these agencies had no jurisdiction over non-Indians. Re: The Dalton Gang family tree or offspring. Montgomery was alleged to be posing as a deputy marshal. Their mother also came to California from Kingfisher to pay Beckenridge after she mortgaged her home and borrowed money from neighbors. Lit was able to borrow one hundred dollars and a horse from Clovis Cole's business partner Charlie Owen. Timothy Peter Dalton (born 21 March 1946) is a Welsh actor of film and television. In 1931, he published When the Daltons Rode, which was later made into a 1940 movie starring Randolph Scott. They missed Bob and Emmett by only twelve hours in Cananea, then lost their trail completely in Fronteras. Riley would feed the outlaws, and would do the same for any passing officers, but he would never reveal each other's whereabouts to either parties. Kay and Ford traveled the fifty miles to Guthrie, but soon came into problems when dealing with different tribal jurisdictions. 6 July 1879, d. 6 Jul 1879 in MO. Southern Pacific detective Will Smith visited Grat's cell almost every day during the trial trying to get a confession out of him and Grat began to despise Smith. Walker in Wichita. Kay knew from this that Cole was able to supply the boys with guns and ammunition. On Nov 27, 1887, Frank Dalton and another deputy marshal, Jim Cole, went across the river from Fort Smith to arrest three whiskey bootleggers. Bob and Emmett then made their way to the end of the back alley onto Eighth Street, where they could hear the townspeople shooting at the Condon Bank. As soon as the judge had finished, Bill announced, "Well, I can prove that I was not there, and not by accident either."[6]. Notes from Obituaries. Here, the Santa Fe had found out about the Daltons' plans and attempted to set up a trap for the gang, filling the train with heavily armed officers. On the night of September 27, Grat and two cellmates, Arvil Beck and W.B. Late in the afternoon, Kay and Witty were about four hundred yards from the station when they saw two men crouching as they crossed the road from the old stage barn to the station. Brothers Lit and Bill Dalton were also visiting their mother, and Doolin proposed that they join his group to avenge their brothers. Bill had been in a separate cell from Grat, located upstairs. A rail ticket from California to Indian territory was too expensive for the boys, so Bob and Emmett crossed the Tehachapi's and began riding across the Mojave Desert while Bill went ahead by train to lay out food and supplies for them. Joining afterwards were Bill Doolin, Dick Broadwell, Bill Powers, and Charley Pierce. The Journal then went to state that, "The other dead body proved to be that of Tom Evans" and marked number six on their map of the shooting area as "Where Tom Evans fell" and in three other references to him The Journal called him Tom. This was in addition to the jailer, J.M. They were recognized and, coming out of one bank, were met by wild gunfire from vigilante citizens. Since Grat's location was in Fresno County, Kay telegraphed Sheriff Hensley in Fresno, and the two made plans to assemble a posse in Centerville. Kay had Bill put his rifle down, backed him into the front room, and checked him for any other weapons. Ken Haas 4/22/12. A later report in the Visalia Times-Delta, a major newspaper in Visalia, California, attributed to "a relative of Mrs. Evans" (most likely Chris Evans brother-in-law Perry Byrd, a deputy of Sheriff Gene Kay) stated, "Tom Evans killed at Coffeyville, Kansas, when the Dalton brothers made their famous raid on the banks of that town, was the twin brother of Chris."[19]. Doolin, Newcomb, and Pierce visited the Daltons' mother in Kingfisher to console her after her sons' deaths. In 1954, the actor Robert Bray played Emmett Dalton in the episode "The Dalton Gang" of the syndicated western television series, Stories of the Century, starring Jim Davis as fictitious Southwestern Railroad detective Matt Clark. Thinking it might be Bob, Kay demanded that Bill tell him where he was. Detective Smith decided to chime in, but Grat said he wouldn't say a word while Smith was present. This was about 13% of all the recorded Dalton's in USA. Kay checked on his Visalia suspects, who at the time were running a livery stable in Modesto, and was convinced they were not involved with the Ceres robbery. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Kay and his deputy went to Ogden where they notified the police to keep watch for the Daltons. The men split into three groups to cover all approaches to the camp. Four of the gang were killed in the ensuing gun fight. On the night of February 6, 1891, two masked men carrying 44-calibre revolvers held up a Southern Pacific Railroad passenger train near the town of Alila (present day Earlimart, California). However, James and Adeline only had one grandchild who carried on the Dalton name. The family will receive friends at the Willis Funeral Home on Saturday from 6:00 - 7:30 P. M. Interment will be Monday, March 6, 2023, at 12:30 P. M. at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. His contributions to researching the Dalton surname and his family lines will always be enshrined in the Dalton Chronicles. Looking to earn more money, Bob also became part of the Osage Nation police force in addition to his job as a deputy. The next robbery was on July 14, at Adair, Oklahoma, near the Arkansas border. Late that night, they received a telegram notifying them that men matching the description of Bob and Emmett were seen taking a southbound train many miles south of Salt Lake. Right as Hensley left, deputy McCardle heard the sound of footsteps come from the same direction where they had spotted Dean. Bill Dalton agreed to join them and soon took part in several robberies, but Lit refused in disgust. Smith instead went north and several weeks later was arrested by Kay. He then saw Grat begin to approach over the hill and planned to wait until he was thirty feet from him before making an arrest. Grat then rode to a home seven miles south of Livingston, the home of his friend ex-supervisor W.W. Gray. He spotted Bob just as he had killed Brown and aimed his rifle at him from behind the store window. Bob and Emmett were able to steal horses and riding rigs. His deputy abandoned him after being wounded. Kay believed Chris was either protecting himself by helping Grat break from jail or returning the favor for Grat protecting him. A largely fictional film version of the Daltons' lives was adapted from Emmett's 1931 book. Alex Murdaugh claimed the family dogs caused Satterfield, 57, to trip, but her death was not reported to the coroner and an autopsy was not initially . Their older cousins were the outlaw Younger brothers. It has been speculated by those seeking to answer the confusion that Bill Powers possibly escaped and it was Tom Evans who was killed, as originally reported, or that Tom Evans was just an alias of Bill Powers. Grat dropped to the ground and rolled into a gulch about ten feet away. Kay found out that, before they had arrived, Bob and Emmett had got into a fight at one of the saloons there and badly beat up two cowboys before leaving for Topeka. Grat lowered his winchester, fired, and the jumped behind cover all in one quick motion. He claimed that Bob, Grat, and Emmett had all made at least two trips to Bill's ranch in California during that time and that at least one of them would show up to his saloon to get a gallon demijohn full of whiskey to bring back to the rest. Emmett was then hit in the back with a load of buckshot. Emmett married first name Dalton (born Arthur) on month day 1950, at age 23 at marriage place, North Carolina. He arrested Bryant and took him on a train to be committed to the jail at Wichita, Kansas, without notifying Marshal Grimes at Fort Smith. He was a saloon keeper in Kansas City, Missouri when he married Adeline Lee Younger. Though much of the evidence showed that Grat was in Fresno the night of the Alila robbery, including the testimony of several witnesses, the influence of the powerful Southern Pacific Railroad caused him to receive an unfair trial. The eight armed guards on the train all happened to be at the back of the train when it pulled in. Thinking they had lost Kay, Bob and Emmett headed to their mother outside of Kingfisher. Lit noticed that Grat's horse was indeed limp and agreed to help Grat sell it. By 1882, the family lived in northeast Oklahoma and by 1886 they had moved to Coffeyville in southeast Kansas. Percy was born on October 4 1897. After the robbery at Adair, officials of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad offered a reward of $40,000 for anyone who could capture and convict the Dalton Gang, and a reward of $5,000 for the arrest of any of them.[8]. On the morning of October 5, the gang emerged from the alley onto the plaza of Coffeyville. Sometime before the Alila robbery, but after Grat, Bob and Emmett had all arrived at Bill's ranch in 1890, Grat had been rumored to have been in possession of rare two dollar bills. Soon after, Jim Ford noticed Emmett exit a department store, who quickly ducked back inside upon noticing Kay. At 10pm he looked at his watch and announced to Yoes aloud that it was his bedtime, but that he would be back to have breakfast with him in the morning. After pointing out the location of the camp, Middleton left in a hurry and the two posses spent the night on the living room floor of the nearby Elwood ranch. Meanwhile, Emmett and Bob had entered the First National Bank, covered the officers and two customers, and ordered the cashier, Thomas Ayres, to open the safe with gold and cash. Left to right: Bill Powers; Bob Dalton; Grat Dalton, Dick Broadwell, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "DALTON Family History: Old West Kansas Dalton Gang KS Heritage Group", "The Dalton Gang Train Robbery at Adair, I.T. This is where. Save. The road curved behind some willow trees, and Kay told Witty to drive past the house, passing close to the door, and then to drive back. Grat had already been known in the San Joaquin Valley as a heavy drinker, fighter, and gambler, so when Kay passed Grat on the street while in Modesto his deputy George Witty was easily able to recognize him. Ayres was not killed, but he remained paralyzed for life. Chris Evans' family ridiculed reports of any such involvement or that Tom had been killed, but otherwise never disclosed his actual whereabouts. 6 Jul 1879, d. 13 Sep 1928 in Oklahoma City. The Dalton Gang's criminal enterprise was ended on October 5, 1892 when they attempted to rob two banks at once in Coffeyville, Kansas. The man was Riley Dean and he did as he was told. Emmett Dalton was born on month day 1927, to Percy Dalton and Laney Dalton (born Shields). NOTARY PUBLIC NOTE: Complete reverse side of family tree form also Form FT-1 Grandparents Aunts and Uncles First Cousins **First Cousins Once Removed Hello!". This family hails from Tennessee, but eventually ends up in Montana by 1883's end. ", "Emmett Dalton Biography Oct. 5-10, 1892", "The Eagles on Desperado: "We were quite taken with the idea of being outlaws", "Emmett Dalton His Life After the Coffeyville Raid", "Heck Thomas Tough Law in Indian Territory",, Articles needing additional references from December 2022, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Charles Benjamin "Ben" Dalton (18521936). Sterling, MontgomeryCO, KY Died: 16 Jul 1890 in Dearing, KS Father: Benjamin DALTON Mother: Nancy RABOURN Generations earlier, James Lewis Dalton's (D'Alton) forbears had left France for Ireland. Some years later, Lit Dalton asserted that Bob and Emmett had told him many times that they had robbed the train. In August 1891, Charlie Bryant was spotted in Hennessey, Oklahoma, after leaving the gang's hideout to visit his brother in Mulhall. [18] No one then or later asked him about the horse tending remark, but it couldn't have referred to Bill Powers because his role as an active participant is well recorded. Marshals Service, but it was quickly becoming fragmented due to power struggles between newly formed district courts and jealousy between marshals over their different jurisdictions. There were three Dalton brothers in the gang: Emmett "Em" Dalton, born in 1871; Robert "Bob" Renick Dalton, born 1869; and Gratton "Grat" Dalton, born 1861. Notes from Obituaries. The next morning, Grat called Wagy over to his cell and asked him where he got such a cold. Kay knew that, besides Beckenridge's sabotage of the case, Grat would probably be found innocent and their case against Bob and Emmett would fall through. He asked Latta not to publish the information until after his death.[13]. Grat rode away from the house, jumped the horse over an old rock fence, and began yelling and firing his revolver in the air so that Dean would know that he had escaped. Born December 3, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, he was a son of the late Winston S. and Walburga (Petersen) Dalton. Lindsey in Ardmore, Oklahoma, tracked him to the cabin and surrounded it on June 8, 1894. alton, Louis Kossuth Dalton, Bea Elizabeth Lelia Phillips (born Dalton), Littleton "lit" Lee Dalton, John Franklin Dalton, Grat Roy Reynolds Dalton, Roy Johnson, Genie Gilstrap Perrier (born Dalton), May 3 1871 - Cas Co, Belton, Cass County, Missouri, United States, July 13 1937 - Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, United States. Eventually, Bill Dalton left Doolin to form his own Dalton Gang. They had no children. Grat then shot him in the head and killed him. Grat and Middleton told Smith they planned to hide out in the Coast Range and invited him to come with them. Dalton Brothers, four train and bank robbers famous in U.S. Western history: Grattan (Grat; 186192), William (Bill; 186394), Robert (Bob; 187092), and Emmett (18711937). In January 1889, Grat and Bob both became deputies first under Marshal Jones and later under Marshal R.L. This was on the property of a man named Jim Riley, about eight miles from the present-day town of Taloga, Oklahoma. He moved to California and became a real estate agent, author and actor, dying at the age of sixty-six. Grat's trial didn't start until that June and it lasted three weeks. After Bob and Grat were killed at Coffeyville, Bill Dalton formed another gang with Bill Doolin, known as the Wild Bunch or the Dalton-Doolin Gang. After being left on the sidewalk by Bob and Emmett, Thomas Ayres had run into one of the hardware stores and grabbed a rifle. He was given a life sentence in the penitentiary in Lansing, Kansas and pardoned after fourteen years. When Middleton returned, Kay arrested him at his home and threatened to send him to San Quentin if he didn't give up Grat's hideout. Around eleven, they noticed Dalton and Dean returning from their hunt, so they sent deputy Perry Byrd to go and retrieve Kay. This resulted in the first robbery at Whorton, May 1891, where the gang stole $1200. Elizabeth was born on January 13 1715, in Baltimore, Prince George's, Maryland, USA,. The Journal reported that, "no one has yet been found who knows him or anything of his antecedents or history." Emmett, however, was against the idea. Before they could leave however, they received another telegram notifying them that the two were spotted in the southern part of Utah. Many members of the gang, including Emmett, complained that the $3500 each was not enough to meet their needs. Gloria Satterfield died on Feb. 8, 2018. The brothers who were members of the Dalton Gang were Bob, Grat, Emmett, and Bill.[4]. Laney was born on May 23 1903. ", A caricature of Dalton appeared in the 1954 Lucky Luke album Hors-la-loi where he's depicted as the tallest of the Dalton brothers. Grat was taken back to jail to await his sentence. lton, Louis Kossuth Dalton, Beatrice "bea" "lelia" Elizabeth Dalton, Littleton Dalton, Franklin P "frank" D James Lewis Dalton, Adeline Lee (6) Dalton (born Younger). The two left California in February 1892 and rode for a hundred and seven days before reaching Kingfisher. Father of Roy Reynolds Dalton They missed Cole by several hours who had already taken the train to Salt Lake where Kay and his deputy followed. Connect to the World Family Tree to find out. Kay telegraphed his deputy George Witty and told him to check on Bill Dalton and to immediately notify him when he was found. They turned around, and went through the back door, carrying both rifles and sack bags, while taking two other bank employees as cover. The mountain was a natural fortress, rocky and heavily wooded, with a good view of the surrounding countryside. This was also confirmed by Lit Dalton who had also attended the trial and claimed to have had several hour long conversations with Evans.[16]. The Dalton brothers were descendents of Timothy and Elizabeth Dalton of Bedford Co., Virginia and "Lighthorse" Harry Lee and Charles Younger through their parents, James Lewis Dalton (1826-1890) and Adeline Lee Younger (1835-1925). As Doolin and Dalton were accepted as leaders of the gang, it became known as the Doolin-Dalton Gang, and also as the Wild Bunch. Grat ordered Elwood to unhitch one of his horses, which he did. Christian Johannes Dalton abt 1892 - 09 Oct 1961 managed by Toni Andrews. Bill had returned to Oklahoma several months earlier, living at his mother's house near Kingsfisher. In the midst of the shooting, Powers told Grat he had been hit in the arm. Kay tracked the Daltons to their mother's home, and kept watch of the house for a few days before being forced to return to Kingfisher because of bad weather. In August 1888, the two formed a posse to arrest a man named Charley Montgomery. Before the Coffeyville raid, Bill Dalton had returned to Oklahoma, later joining Bill Doolins gang and then forming his own gang. As Witty entered the room, he heard a noise come from somewhere inside. After Frank's death, Grat moved back from California and took over his brother's job as deputy marshal at Fort Smith. Bill told Kay that Bob was not in the country, that he had stopped at Rucker's place alone to spend the night. Bob Dalton had ambitions. This would've been while Grat was on active duty as Deputy Marshal in Indian Territory, but Sheriff Kay claimed that Grat had told him that he had made two extended trips to California while serving as U.S. James Lewis Dalton from Jackson County, Missouri and Kentucky was the father of all four boys. Explore the world's largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and resources. The Dalton Gang was a group of outlaws in the American Old West during 18901892. He was found 2 miles away, dead. Bob and Emmett, meanwhile, had been busy in Oklahoma forming their gang. Bob discovered his location in Timber Hills while Grat was away searching in Coffeyville and went ahead to lead the posse in making the arrest himself before Montgomery could escape the territory.

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